Welcome to Everlake

Everlake is an information technology provider specialising in building, maintaining and integrating web enabled applications

Everlake's key capabilities are:


Pragmatic development advice to those considering an application to solve a need. We have considerable experience and knowledge in the resources sector in the areas of tenement management, heritage, GIS/mapping, lab systems, MES, change management, HR and Supply.


Strategic planning in areas such as project management, disaster recovery planning, change management, implementation plans, technology upgrades, integration etc.


Everlake specialises in building web-based applications; industrial-strength, commercial-quality applications and integrations built to a budget and a short timeframe.


Our team is experienced in the design, delivery and evaluation of effective training courses for our systems and also of packaged applications.


We maintain web-based applications with an emphasis on preventative maintenance. We also provide dedicated DBA services as required.

Technical Capabilities

Our skill sets include:

  1. .NET MVC/Web Forms/ASP
  2. C#
  3. Visual Basic
  4. SQL Server
  5. JavaScript
  6. HTML
  7. GIS


Everlake's approach to projects and clients is based on its corporate values. The value set is divided into four main areas, each with equal value and priority:


All work and interactions with clients and peers is to be be carried on in an open, transparent and trusting manner.

Good Working Relationships

The working relationship with clients and staff is valued and is to be fostered. We encourage "win-win" relationships.


Everlake will continue to acquire skills and familiarity with current tools, techniques and practices.


We will endeavour to ensure that all of our work and interactions are conducted in a manner conducive to working safely.

We believe that we can get a quality job done quicker because we use experienced people and a risk minimisation approach to all work. This is reflected in how we handle all assignments whereby we always assess the job, identify potential problem areas and work with the client to reduce risk for all parties.

Our experienced people need little in the way of micro-management and are very capable of working with clients at all levels of the business.

An outcome of this approach is that the effective cost of work always seems to fall and the client gets quality work with a TCO better than if they had used a lot of less expensive though less experienced staff.


Origin CMP

Responsive, web-based Supply workflow application, using ADFS and running on Azure.


Multi-company, multi-departmental time recording and management system


Tenement / Freehold / Leasehold / Agreement / Heritage management system used internationally. Home page with news and quick search facilities

MTHost Weighbridge Transaction Manager

Web application used by major mining company to manage truck weighbridge transactions


Everlake is always on the lookout for talented web developers and IT professionals. Skills currently in demand are Microsoft technologies such as ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML and Powershell.

Please send your resume to: careers@everlake.com.au


If you would like further information or have feedback on this site,

Please contact us at: info@everlake.com.au

Everlake Pty Ltd

Perth, Western Australia

Phone: +61 400 423 200