Origin Category Management Portal

Description: Responsive, web-based Supply workflow application, using ADFS and running on Azure.

Business Sector: Energy

MTHost Weighbridge Transaction Manager

Description: Web application used by major mining company to manage truck weighbridge transactions

Business Sector: Mining

Rate Book Online

Description: Web application used by various local governments around Western Australia for rates management.

Business Sector: Local Government

Environmental Heritage Impact Assessment

Description: Workflow application providing a request and approval process for environmental and heritage impact assessments.

Business Sector: Mining


Description: Multi-company, multi-departmental time recording and management system.

Business Sector: Various


Description: Tenement / Freehold / Leasehold / Agreement / Heritage management system used internationally. Home page with news and quick search facilities.

Business Sector: Mining & Resources


Description: Mapping page showing GIS integration


Description: Data entry page.

Software Register

Description: Register of software products used within an organisation along with support, dependency, status etc. information

Business Sector: Mining & Resources


Description: B2C Internet site used for connecting suppliers to consumer requirements

Client: YellowConnect Pty Ltd

Six Sigma Initiatives Register

Description: Records details of Six Sigma projects, their progress and related documents.

Business Sector: Mining & Resources

Six Sigma Initiatives Register

Description: Progress form.

SSDS - Socially Sustainable Development Strategy

Description: Internet system providing information and tools to assist international investment and elimination of poverty in developing countries

Business Sector: Mining & Resources

Client: DFID / ConGO Pty Ltd

SAP Usage

Description: Displays the most common SAP transactions used by each employee along with screen shots and training notes

Business Sector: Mining & Resources

ConGO Live

Description: Internet site dedicated to providing information, assessments and advice on social situations anywhere in the world.

Client: ConGO Pty Ltd

Obligations Register

Description: Register of environmental obligations a company must undertake

Business Sector: Mining & Resources


Description: Manages Environmental Incidents and Non-Compliances.

Business Sector: Mining & Resources

RFC Online

Description: Request for Contract. Management of Contract Lifecycle, from initial user request through to Contract completion.

Business Sector: All


Description: Exploration Management System. Provides comparative ranking of Exploration Targets based on Geological and Financial parameters.

Business Sector: Mining & Resources


Description: Training Evaluation System. Online capture and analysis of post training evaluation/feedback from students.

Business Sector: Mining & Resources